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Lost in Translation

Well, what can you expect when it's your first trip overseas and you'd been hell bent on making it off-beat. The hours spent on research, the missteps taken at every juncture though long and winding, eventually did lead you to your destination.

And isn't it the best part of the start of the journey? So much excitement, thrill and anxiety - when your to-the-point itinerary comes live in action. A land of unknown, not just in terms of cuisine but culture, people, language, places and despite all that - yes I am there ready to be lost in translation!

And so we land in Tokyo, Haneda International airport after what felt like a short trip from Bangalore - excitement running in our blood and all ready and eager to see what the next two weeks will unfold. Thrilled about the idea of backpacking, we didn't foresee how the weight of the bags cutting into our shoulders while we chase cities but the dead of the night and the paper lanterns welcoming us washed away any trace of weariness from our hearts. With Google Translate to our rescue at every step, we felt settled and with the airport as our abode till the next daybreak, we craved nothing more than a full night rest before we begin our tryst with the JR train system - with which you'll truly never be lost in this amazing country Japan.

After we found two benches, in secluded corners with the shadows of the pillars our cover from the warm, dim lights of the night at the airport we've put our sore bodies but still restless hearts to a mini pause and no sooner than a few minutes went into a dreamy night, our first one at the land of rising sun, Japan.

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