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Tokyo - an Origami city virtually made of nothing

Overwhelmed is an understatement to the feeling when you step out of the train to the Tokyo Prefecture with people going around like ants in a workshop. Step outside, a skyline with the Tokyo towers standing tall in grandeur, welcoming you to the busiest city.

When your airbnb is in the bustling neighbourhood of Shinjuku but in a pocket of peace, it doesn't matter how cramped your room is as this new world fascinates you and you know that your legs won't keep you there longer. What's unexpected is that a vending machine welcomes you after every 200 steps, no wonder this country has a 1 machine for every 13 people and if that's not impressive, what is?

You'll have adjust to the new concept of breakfast with cold tuna sandwiches essentially replacing your daily dose of dosa or parathas but what's relishing is the new found friend - the banana milk famous in the far east (an everyday must try item in Japan). A short trip to Ginza let me to what turned out to be my favourite food eventually - Sushi. Freshly made from the tuna auctioned that very morning, you may not accustom to the taste in the first go - but thanks to the chef there, we tried eating the right way and ended up ordering a platter! Of course, miso soup and soju are must and this combination is a treat to your palate!

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